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3 Things To Help You Feel Less Awkward On A Photoshoot

But what do I do with my hands? - that age old questions that both clients and friends often ask me in panic, when I take out my camera (no matter how small I go with my kit, the fear of the camera is not to be underestimated!). So I thought I'd give you a little insight into what to do when you are on a shoot (be it professional or on your 18645389 walk to the park) to help you feel that little bit more comfortable in front of the lens.

1. Chat with your photographer throughout the shoot

A photographer's (or your insta spouse's) job is to show the world who you truly are, so that you can attract your real soul clients (or potential Tinder dates - take your pick!). However cheesy it may sound - it's all about capturing the beauty in your little quirks, natural smiles and expressions. When you chat and laugh your body and face relax, and photographing you becomes this much easier. Conversation fosters trust. And if you trust your tog & let them lead, the photos will be just a side effect of a nice meeting with a mate.

2. Think about your hands and everyday props

I know that the camera can be intimidating. But that initial encounter becomes so much easier when you have something to (literally) hold (onto). Be it a side of your jacket, a bag strap or your sunglasses. A good trick is to fix up your necklace or your hair in order to take your focus away from your hands, and move it onto the action of doing something. Start small, check the results, and experiment! When you've build up confidence, start playing with positioning your hands near your face, asking yourself questions, for example - how would you sit if you were deep in thought, where would your hands be?

3. Use breathing and movement

I am a big fan of connecting with your body and breathing to release the pre-shoot tension. Animal noises, dancing, shaking things off, facial and breathing exercises are no stranger to my clients. Unleashing the real you and the fire within is what it's all about! Again, when you move, your body relaxes and it's then much easier to stop into a pose that feels and looks natural. No more awkwardness!

That's it for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed this, and will take something away from this post for your mobile photoshoots with family and friends, as well as for when you're working with a professional photographer. And if you have any further questions or would like to enquire about a potential shoot with ME - I am always up for chat.

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