I create soulful, out of the box, bespoke personal brand photographs for women who aren't afraid to express their true selves, and live a fulfilled life. My sessions are designed to provide you with a variety of images to shape and promote your brand online, and are suitable for all female entrepreneurs and small business owners. I have previously worked with personal and business coaches, pilates instructors, and other photographers.

My WHY comes from experiencing a lot of anxiety in front of the camera myself. Despite having been known to everyone in my environment as "Martyna and her camera" since I can remember - as soon as the lens would turn on me, I'd freeze and become self-conscious.


Putting myself in front of my own, as well as other people's lenses, has taught me how to relax into being myself when photographed instead of focusing on "my best angles", and that's what I will guide you into doing.


No awkward posing with me! We will do some facial exercises instead, spin around, have a dance, and maybe pet some dogs (or a friendly pigeon). And there is definitely a cuppa or a snack involved. Imagine just meeting with your girlfriend for the afternoon, and doing random things in cute places together. Our session in a nutshell.


I am a natural light photographer, and usually like to shoot in the afternoon, but all depends on the light available/weather that day. Based on your business and the message you are aiming to convey, I will be there to advise you on both, location and outfits, and we will finalise the vision for the shoot together.


I am inspired by vivid colours and quirky places, and having a great attention to detail comes handy when spotting unusual things around us that could reinforce your story when we are shooting (think a superwoman cape on the wall, or a book that matches the colour of your dress at a street market).

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